We have worked with clients and their accountants to identify opportunites, recommend and implement a solution to achieve the net tax savings from the capital expenditure incurred in the following sectors and scenarios:


  1. Property Investment (Offices, Retail, Industrial)
  2. Healthcare (Care Homes, Hospitals, Doctors and Dentist Surgeries)
  3. Hospitality and Leisure (Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Night Clubs and Healthclubs)
  4. Motor dealerships and petrol stations


  1. Analysing historical portfolios of investment properties
  2. Pre-contract advice to secure the optimum position for a purchaser
  3. Disposal advice to protect the capital allowances already claimed
  4. Enhanced Capital Allowances and environmental advice on new construction and refurbishment projects
  5. Detailed investigation of a property's tax history to ensure no prior claims
  6. Negotiating CAA 2001 s198 agreements on acquisition and disposal
  7. Working closely with accountants to identify capital allowances opportunities for their clients and prospective clients